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Second Chance Cinema have a wide range of experience when it comes to documentary and archive film exhibition and are able to offer consultation and curatorial services to organisations wishing to explore this area.

Our previous work as Second Chance Cinema demonstrates the kind of programmes we researched and curated for organisations such as Hear her Voice for the Ulster Museum or Troubled: Films from the Archive with the Black Box.  You can also see our project and screening archive to get a taste of other projects.

Rosie and Stuart, who run Second Chance Cinema, also work in the film and cultural sphere in their own careers and have clocked up a combined 30 years’ experience.  We have strong networks, lots of relevant experience, excellent track records and curious minds. Read more about our backgrounds here.

We can provide services around all of the following and more – please get in touch to talk us about your project!

  • Public screenings and events

  • Archive film research

  • Documentary film research

  • Screen programme curation

  • Documentary and Archive editing

  • Industry panels and events

  • Festival curation

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